Sunday, May 13, 2012

The thing is . . .

The thing I like about Indian media is that they debate – about things in general. Many a times, I am so overwhelmed with their reporting style and ability to raise thought provoking questions that I wanted to storm into their offices in the national capital out of gratefulness – but was too afraid that they might confuse it for an army coup.

So, today I would try and answer some of the recently debated topics with my own twisted logic:
Should Sachin retire? - A great man once said 'Never say never', but that was right after he said - Ooo Baby Baby. I know a lot of you would disagree with me on this, by this - I meant calling Beiber a great man. And I understand the debate is not much about the 'great' part as it is about . . . but I digress, my point is - Should sachin retire? – Never


Sharukh’s detention in US, how should the government react? – Before we get into the details – S M Krishna has already released a statement explaining how the incident has deeply hurt the sentiments of the Portuguese government. Last time SRK was detained, a lot of people have criticized the great man (Again, I know a lot of you would disagree with the great man part) calling it a marketing stint for ‘My Name is Khan’, but this time around there is no such thing – or is there? SRK was detained for a little over 154 minutes, the exact running time of Ra.One – No wonder SRK has refused to comment on it – the trauma has made everyone speechless.


But, Cricket and Bollywood is not all that this media discusses, a lot of other topics are being debated beyond these trifling things, like politics – and the most important question being debated of late is – Are Sachin and Rekha appropriate candidates for Rajya Shabha?

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